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Wenaas Workwear AS

Main Partner of EdelWise ENERGY

The company positions itself as a specialist in the energy market. It differs significantly from its competitors in that the services it offers are tailor-made for each of its customers. 

Today Wenaas is one of the world's leading manufacturers of workwear and protective clothing.

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Elcon Megarad

Main Partner of EdelWise ENERGY

Elcon Megarad is active in the development and production of accessories and components for low, medium and high voltage cables and other products for insulation and electrical connection, and is internationally recognised in more than 60 countries.

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Main Partner of EdelWise ENERGY

KABLAN AG is one of the most important logistics companies for cable and LAN services in Switzerland. Founded in 1991, the company now has over 100,000m2 of infrastructure at its disposal, enabling it to quickly meet individual customer requirements.

The 120 employees ensure that the desired articles arrive at the right place within the shortest possible time.


ProGARM Ltd.

ProGARM is the only British company that focuses exclusively on the manufacture of arc fault and flame resistant protective equipment for companies in the energy sector.

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Nexans Switzerland

As the world's leading provider of advanced cabling and connectivity solutions, Nexans brings energy to life with an extensive range of world-class products and innovative services.

For over 120 years, innovation has been the company's hallmark, enabling Nexans to work with its customers to build a safer, smarter and more efficient future.


Polywater Europe BV

Polywater is a global manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the construction and maintenance of electrical equipment and communication systems, employing approximately 100 people worldwide. 


They are leaders in the development of lubricants that offer lower resistance to cable pulling and are also suitable for most cable types. The range has been expanded to include a wide range of products for cleaning, repair, maintenance and protection of cables, sockets, housings, solar and industrial installations. 


induo wood pole systems

Main Partner of EdelWise Energy

induo® Systemholztechnik GmbH has been an owner-managed company since its foundation in 1999.


As a manufacturer and developer of system wood technology, wood fasteners and as one of the largest exporters of round timber poles in Europe, induo can look back on a successful company history which is characterised by numerous innovations.

The company, based in Korschenbroich near Düsseldorf, is totally committed to the renewable raw material wood and exports its products manufactured in Germany to over 30 countries. induo® is successful with standardised quality based on innovative engineering services.


Marenco Holding Ltd

Investment Partner of EdelWise ENERGY

Marenco and EdelWise ENERGY place equal emphasis on innovation. 


Marenco is a leader in innovation and its implementation. The excellent reputation of Marenco, which has been built up across the Swiss border, helps EdelWise ENERGY to drive innovation and set new standards in the energy market!