about us

Together we stand for a high level of quality and innovative solutions that give our customers lasting pleasure. Recognizing the differences and selecting them for our customers is central to a successful conclusion.


Thanks to its many years of experience in the Swiss energy market, EdelWise ENERGY is able to offer tailor-made solutions in high, medium and low voltage technology. 


The resulting strategy is very different from that of many specialist retailers in Switzerland.


Robert Nef

chief Executive Officer



After 25 years in the financial industry, Robert Nef decided to embark on an independent career from January 2018 with a focus on energy.


With EdelWise ENERGY, with the help of important partners and experts, he created a society in which new business opportunities in the energy sector can be developed.


Today he leads EdelWise ENERGY.



Martin Meyer

manager of finance



Martin Meyer has more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry.


He began his professional career as an aerospace engineer at Swissair; among other things as a member of the "Aircraft Evaluation & Specification" team.


His impressive career helped him to gain valuable experience in building and managing new lines of business and companies that now benefit EdelWise ENERGY.


Martin Meyer's duties within EdelWise ENERGY are the management of finances and personnel.



Hansjörg Baebler

Connection technology specialist



His many years of experience in the connection technology market is an immeasurable treasure from which EdelWise ENERGY benefits to a great extent.


Mr. Bäbler speaks fluent Italian and French (in addition to German and English) and is also responsible for product training in the field service.


Based on his experience, Hansjörg Bäbler is a driving force in the development of new products in connection technology and helps to develop the EdelWise Innovations platform into a valuable pillar of EdelWise ENERGY.



Frank Schwarz

Specialist PPE



The experience he has gained in customer service, his technical understanding and his exceptional back office qualities are of great benefit to EdelWise ENERGY.


Frank Schwarz is a valuable source of support for the whole team, as he is responsible for handling the company's operational business. In addition, Frank Schwarz takes on the support of selected customers in the area of ​​security.



Denis Perrenoud

Head of French-speaking Switzerland



Denis is a recognized specialist in the construction of electrical stations and overhead lines. His many years of experience in the market have earned him a lot of recognition, making him a key figure in the French-speaking energy market today.


Gil Huber

Advisory Board



Gil Huber has been involved in SME consulting, financing and succession planning for 22 years. He is passionate about new, creative ideas and business areas; so does the EdelWise Group and its team.