Energy is power!

Energy is flow!

Energy is effectiveness!

Effect through energy in flow.

Innovation and trading plattform

We are  innovative , work cost-optimized and deliver you the best energy products on the market!

In particular: connection technology, personal protective equipment and wood systems .

Our customers include electricity companies, network electricians, Telecom and railway companies. 



You always want the right energy product in the areas of connection technology, personal protective equipment and wood systems with the best quality and the most attractive price!

With direct access to our production partners , we process your request efficiently and cost-effectively. Our partners are: Elcon Megarad , Südkabel , Nexans , Wenaas , Progarm , induo and Polywater .

True to our motto "there is no such thing as impossible", we are able to innovate products that meet your needs. Thanks to the partnership with Marenco, we are also an innovation platform.


Each of us strives for efficiency and uniqueness. Each of us wants to own THE product or the service!

We question everything and look for ways to make it even better.

Our partner, Marenco , is crucial for the successful development and further development of new solutions.

To achieve this, we only work with the best in order to develop good into excellence.

"Innovation is making the unknown visible."


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